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$0.50 carrier bag charge justified? Woman voices concern while Skechers says advanced notice was given

$0.50 carrier bag charge justified? Woman voices concern while Skechers says advanced notice was given
Facebook user Sen LY said she only realised she had to pay $0.50 for a carrier bag after she got home.
PHOTO: Facebook/Complaint Singapore

An irate Skechers customer kicked up a fuss after she found out that she had paid $0.50 for a carrier bag, after spending about $200 on her shoes. 

A user by the name of Sen LY, who purchased two pairs of shoes from Skechers at Vivocity, took to Facebook group Complaint Singapore on April 7 to voice her experience.

"I only realised that I was charged $0.50 for the carrier bag when I got home," Sen LY wrote, adding that she paid $204 for her shoes.

She said she was not informed of the charge by the staff.

"I should have been told before paying that there would be a charge of $0.50 for the bag. Then I could decide whether to pay for the bag or not to buy the shoes at all," she wrote, adding that it is "daylight robbery" even though the amount is small.

In response to queries from 8World in a report yesterday (April 9), a spokesman for Skechers said that they have started charging a fee for their bags since Feb 1 this year.

A small carrier bag costs $0.20, while a large one is available at $0.50.

They added that there were also signages at their cashier counters at the different outlets, informing customers of the charges. Their staff members were also required to inform customers before their payments as well.

As for Sen LY's concerns, the spokesman said they had checked their CCTV footage and that their staff had informed the customer before payment, and that she is aware that she had to pay $0.50 for the carrier bag.

They have reportedly contacted her for her feedback.

Much ado over $0.10 plastic bag at BreadTalk 

Recently, a Facebook user by the name of Roy Chiang also took to Complaint Singapore to complain about having to pay $0.10 for a plastic bag at BreadTalk.

Chiang wrote: "So BreadTalk no longer gives carriers for any purchases unless you purchased it at $0.10? Maybe this is their excuse to earn every single cent."

He added that these bakeries should give their first plastic bag for free and charge additional bags at $0.10 each.

According to the BreadTalk website, they had implemented the charges since April 1 at all of their stores. This is to reduce packaging waste and encourage customers to bring their own bags.

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