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'He's trying to kill us': Singaporean man claims taxi driver tried breaking into his Bali Airbnb home

'He's trying to kill us': Singaporean man claims taxi driver tried breaking into his Bali Airbnb home
A taxi driver tried breaking into the accommodation that Kai and his friends were sleeping in.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Pale.nerves

While his friends were fast asleep after a boozy night out in Bali, imagine the shock this Singaporean man had when he allegedly witnessed an intruder scaling the walls of their rented villa.

Taking to TikTok on Thursday (May 12), Kai shared that he and his companions were moving out of that Airbnb place after the incident. 

"Our cab driver tried to break in and murder us," he claimed.

In another TikTok video shared later in the day, Kai filmed himself and his friends in a new rented apartment that "was 10 times better".

Describing his ordeal as a "horror story", Kai shared that his travelling group came out of a nightclub, only to realise that their "designated driver" - who was supposed to send them back to their Airbnb - was fast asleep. 

"We were all dead drunk, so we were all desperate to go back," he said, adding that a "random" taxi driver approached the group and persuaded them to get into his vehicle.

But the taxi driver allegedly demanded S$40 after bringing them back to the apartment, which is more than the "original price" of S$10, Kai shared.

'We passed him the money, saying 'this is all we have'. "It was already f****** unreasonable, but he was like 'pay full amount'," he said.

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The taxi driver then got out of his vehicle, shouting and screaming while running after his friends, Kai claimed, adding that the cabbie tried unsuccessfully to force his way into the apartment.

While his friends were fast asleep in their rooms two hours after the "ordeal", Kai shared that he walked out to the courtyard to retrieve his mobile phone, only to realise a commotion outside their villa.

The same taxi driver was seen scaling the walls of their compound, Kai claimed.

Describing how the intruder ducked after being caught in his act, he said: "Oh my God, this guy is trying to kill us. And he didn't come alone."

Although the taxi driver and his companions left after their allegedly failed break-in, Kai shared that he slept in the living room, all while his friends were oblivious to what had happened.

Rounding off his two-minute "story time", Kai shared a piece of advice for those who are looking to travel to Bali.

"It's best to get a personal chauffeur. One person to drive you throughout the whole trip," he said.

In the comments, several TikTok users who said they are Indonesians, dished out tips to those planning to visit Bali. 

In April this year, the Bali vice governor promised to look into illegal peddlers, after a tourist voiced her frustration of being harassed to buy merchandise from them while on holiday there. 

When contacted, Kai said he will respond to us but he has not done so at the time of publication.

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