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'I heard a loud crash': Ceiling fan blade breaks off, falls next to baby's cot

'I heard a loud crash': Ceiling fan blade breaks off, falls next to baby's cot
The blade fell shortly after the baby was carried out of the room.
PHOTO: Stomp

A blade of a ceiling fan crashed down near a baby's cot mere minutes after the father had carried the child out of the bedroom.

Sharing photos and a video of the broken fan, Stomp contributor Matthew said the incident happened on the evening of March 30.

"At 6.10pm, I switched on my Fanco ceiling fan in the master bedroom, where my three-month-old baby usually naps in the day and sleeps at night," recounted the Stomp contributor.

"I had just carried him out to his nursery in the next room when I heard a loud crash from the master bedroom."

He rushed back to the room to find out what had happened.

"I realised that one of the fan blades had broken and spun off, hitting the wardrobe and then the wall before landing near my baby's cot," said the Stomp contributor.

"Thankfully, I had just carried my baby out a few minutes ago and no one was in the room at that time! We were just one to 2m away from the crash."

Stomp contributor said he called the fan company, Fanco, which sent someone to replace the fan on April 2.

"But when the technician arrived, he took a picture and sent it to his in charge and the person in charge told me over the phone that our ceiling fan was off-centre and too close to our wardrobe," said the Stomp contributor.

"He said it was because of this that the fan blade broke.

"But this doesn't make sense. We bought this fan back in November 2021 from Shopee and had it installed by a third-party contractor, but a Fanco technician had come down twice to service these ceiling fans for different issues and not once had they ever highlighted that this ceiling fan in question was 'not centralised' and could be hazardous."

The Stomp contributor has since replaced all the Fanco fans in his home with another brand, KDK.

"When we asked the KDK installers if the fan's position is too close to the wardrobe, they said no," added the Stomp contributor.

"To be honest, after my experience, I don't think anyone would want to use a Fanco fan again. That's why we rejected their replacement fan blade and had asked them to compensate us in cash instead. Unfortunately we haven't heard from them ever since."

Stomp has contacted Fanco for more info.

Coincidentally, someone online posted photos of another ceiling fan with a blade broken off around the same time. The photos were tagged to Fanco Fan Marketing and were date stamped March 29, a day before the Stomp contributor's fan broke.

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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