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'I hope some justice can be done': Cafe patron shocked as woman laughs while boy on scooter drags dog on leash

'I hope some justice can be done': Cafe patron shocked as woman laughs while boy on scooter drags dog on leash
PHOTO: Stomp

Onlookers were stunned.

A boy on a kick scooter was caught on camera dragging a puppy around on a leash at a pets and kids-friendly cafe in Katong.

Stomp contributor Marie shared a video of the incident at Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre on June 8 at around 4.10pm.

"As things happened too suddenly and I was still trying to recover from shock, I only managed to capture only the last few minutes of their cruel act," said the Stomp contributor.

"My friends and I were stunned see the mother allowing her son to scoot around and pull the poor unwilling puppy around the field."

Marie said this went on for at least five to eight minutes.

"The mother was taking a video and laughing at the same time, thinking this was a very funny and cute scene," recounted the Stomp contributor.

"The son was seen lifting the puppy's head up with the leash and the little dog hanging in the air.

"All these moments were unbearable and I blamed myself for not being brave enough to stand up for the puppy as the place was full of children and I did not wish to create unnecessary hooha if I were to confront the mother."

Marie added that her own seven-year-old son was badly affected by the incident. "He was asking us why they were doing that to the puppy," she said.

"Hence, I hope Stomp is able to help to share this and bring attention to those who don't know how to love, care and cherish a little life.

"For a moment, we did question if they are actually the owners of the puppy or helping friends take care of it while the friends were on holidays."

The Stomp contributor said she was still feeling terribly sad and depressed about what happened to the dog.

"I hope some justice can be done and pray hard the puppy will not suffer in their hands further," she added

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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