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'I've seen 4 to 5 in the kitchen': Sight of rats scurrying around Bukit Batok estate frighten residents

'I've seen 4 to 5 in the kitchen': Sight of rats scurrying around Bukit Batok estate frighten residents
Bukit Batok residents have been plagued by rats scurrying around their estate.
PHOTO: Stomp, Screengrab/YouTube/SG Feedback

In recent months, some Bukit Batok residents have been troubled by sightings of rats in their estate. 

On June 5, a netizen uploaded a video of a group of rats scurrying around the void deck of Block 304 Bukit Batok Street 31. 

"They will roam around boldly at night, hopping in and out of the green dustbins in front of the block, scaring residents when they walk past as the rats in the bins cause the bins to rattle [sic]," wrote the netizen. 

This has been going on for "months", he said, urging the authorities to look into the issue. 


A resident surnamed Mak, who lives at Block 302, told Shin Min Daily News that rats crawled into his home on June 11. He's also seen them around the estate two or three times over the past two weeks. 

"[The rat problem] has worsened in the past month, I've seen four or five of them around, especially in my kitchen. They run off every time they see a human, but my landlord hasn't taken any preventive measures," said Mak.  

The rats he saw were more than 10cm long — bigger than a newborn kitten. Mak believes that they sneaked into the flat via through the water pipe or the front door. 

Although the rats did not cause any damage inside his home, the sight of the rodents disgusted him. 

Another resident surnamed Liu told Shin Min that she has seen rat droppings around the estate and some dead rats in the drain. She later asked a cleaner to help clear up the mess. 

A spokesperson for Chua Chu Kang Town Council (CCKTC) told Stomp on Tuesday that they are aware of the matter and are working closely with a pest control operator and the relevant government agencies to eradicate the rats. 

"Our inspections have located their burrows, and we have since placed baits and rodenticide to exterminate them. In addition, trapping and culling operations are conducted to catch and properly eliminate the rats."

The town council added they are conducting monthly inspections of the void deck of Block 304 and the surrounding areas. 

"Whenever burrows are detected, they will follow up with rodent control treatment at least twice a week." 

This is done by placing baits in burrows to exterminate the rats and ensuring that the burrows are no longer active. 

"We have also placed rodent baits and rodenticide at key spots where rodent activities are detected, as well as at strategic points in bin chutes, Central Refuse Chutes (CRCs), and bin centres," said CCKTC's spokesperson.

To prevent the rats from looking for food in bins, conservancy cleaners for Block 304 and the nearby blocks are clearing litter and food waste in common areas at last twice daily. 

They also regularly wash the bin chutes, CRCs, bin centres, standing bins, and bulk bins.

"The town council has prominently displayed notices in Block 304 and the surrounding estate reminding residents to keep the estate clean and dispose of litter properly," said the spokesperson.

"We seek everyone’s cooperation to do their part."

Toa Payoh, Tampines and Hougang top hotpots for rats

Last week, CNA published a 'rat map', which detailed the number of rat sightings across various areas in Singapore. 

The map, containing 503 entries, showed that Toa Payoh, Tampines and Hougang had the highest number of rat sightings. 

Toa Payoh topped the list with 54 sightings, while Tampines and Hougang had 42 and 25 sighting respectively. 

Places where the rodents were spotted includ playgrounds, lift lobbies and even supermarkets. 

The town councils managing these three estates told CNA that they were monitoring rat activities and had surveillance operations in place. 

They added that they are working with various parties, such as the National Environment Agency to resolve the issue. 

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