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Man accuses 'road rage' driver of swerving and repeatedly jamming brakes after PHV driver high-beamed him

Man accuses 'road rage' driver of swerving and repeatedly jamming brakes after PHV driver high-beamed him
Ng and his Grab driver were sent into a panic when a reckless driver decided to block them from driving off on Thursday (Feb 22)
PHOTO: Facebook/Complaint Singapore

A man and his private-hire driver were sent into a panic when a driver decided to retaliate after the private-hire driver high-beamed him.

A Facebook user, surnamed Ng, posted a series of videos and dashcam footage of a "road rage" driver that he came across in the early morning of Thursday (Feb 22).

The auxiliary police officer was on his way to work in a Grab ride along Bukit Timah Road when he encountered a silver Toyota sedan being driven erratically.

Ng told AsiaOne the car was initially behind him and was already swerving from lane to lane.

It then sped up suddenly, overtaking Ng's ride and causing his Grab driver to pull the emergency brake.

The Grab driver then honked and high-beamed the reckless driver as a warning, said Ng

The reckless driver, supposedly angered by this action, proceeded to continue driving erratically in an act of road rage.

The incident lasted over 10 minutes according to Ng, who said that they first encountered the reckless driver at about 4.20am and only managed to drive off after 4.30am.

In the videos posted to Facebook, the reckless driver is seen swerving between lanes and making sudden stops, forcing Ng's Grab driver to jam the brakes as well.

Ng's Grab driver can be heard repeatedly exclaiming, "What's wrong with him? Did I offend him?" in the video taken by Ng during the incident.

"He kept stopping in front of us intentionally," Ng said.

I was panicking because even though I'm an auxiliary police officer, I was just a passenger," he added.

Police report made

Ng also told AsiaOne that another netizen had sent him a video from 2016, in which another car with the same license plate number as the silver Toyota sedan he encountered was being driven recklessly.

It is unclear if the drivers in both incidents are the same person.

Ng said he has since made a police report regarding the incident. 

He has also reported the incident to Grab as he believes that the reckless driver was driving a private-hire vehicle.

AsiaOne has contacted Grab for comment.

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