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'No one has complained in 30 years': Sembawang resident rebuts neighbours' rants over corridor clutter

'No one has complained in 30 years': Sembawang resident rebuts neighbours' rants over corridor clutter
A resident in Sembawang has been told by the town council to remove the clutter at his corridor.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

An man in Sembawang has received some flak over the bulky items he's piled up along the corridor. 

The resident on the 10th floor of Block 417 Canberra Road has been leaving an assortment of items outside his unit — including potted plants, bicycles, umbrellas and several cardboard boxes. 

They are lined along the corridor from his unit all the way to the lift lobby, reported Shin Min Daily News.

There is also an altar and incense burner outside his home. 

While some residents on the same floor described the man as friendly and said that they would also greet him when they see him, they expressed concern about the clutter along the corridor. 

"We've never seen him picking up rubbish. Maybe he just has too many things and can't bear to throw them away, but it would be better if he clear up [the clutter] and stop piling items [at the corridor]," said one resident who declined to be named. 

Last Monday (June 3), a netizen named Chris who visited the block complained to Stomp about the clutter.

"I want to report about the mess at this block. It is very dangerous and a fire hazard. If there is an emergency, there will definitely be obstruction to rescue efforts. The place is so dusty that I believe this must have been going on for over 10 years," he wrote. 

Chris added that he last visited the block in 2022, and there were already items piled up at the lift lobby. However, the corridor was clear then. 

"Now the owner has put one big table and is obstructing the corridor. I feel sorry for the neighbours living with this hoarder. Sembawang Town Council should really walk the ground."

No complaints in 30 years

Speaking to Shin Min, the man, a delivery driver, said he hasn't received any complaints about the items outside his home for the past 30 years. 

However, he added that he was willing to work out a solution if his neighbours wanted to speak to him about it. 

He claimed that he regularly uses the items outside his home. "They are not fixtures. I even installed wheels under the boxes so I can move them easily," he said. 

As for the altar, the man said he only placed it outside his home as he had no other choice. 

In response to Stomp's queries, Sembawang Town Council said they had previously issued an advisory notice to the unit, which resulted in a reduction of clutter. 

"Since then, we have not received any further feedback about this unit."

After receiving the recent feedback, the town council said it "will engage with the unit owner, issue an advisory notice and continue to monitor the situation".

The man confirmed to Shin Min that he did receive the notice informing him to keep the items.

"Since the town council has come forward, I've told them I will move the items outside the lift lobby. I'll sell what I can and remove the cardboard boxes that could be a fire hazard," he said. 

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