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'Plastic bags are like gold to them': Nam Kee customer says staff gave 'black face' when asked for carrier

'Plastic bags are like gold to them': Nam Kee customer says staff gave 'black face' when asked for carrier
PHOTO: Stomp

From July 3, 2023, supermarkets have been required by the Government to charge customers at least five cents for each disposable carrier bag.

Since then, it seems plastic bags previously given out for free have become more precious.

A Nam Kee Pau customer alleged that when he asked for a plastic bag to carry the bao he bought, the "uncle" who served him showed a "black face".

Stomp contributor Wee Wee said he preferred not to disclose the location of the outlet where it happened on April 22.

A regular customer, the Stomp contributor said: "Uncle was not dressed in a Nam Kee uniform. I was unsure if he was a staff member of Nam Kee as I had not seen him before."

The Stomp contributor ordered two char siew bao and one lotus bao, which were placed into two plastic bags.

He claimed the uncle said: "Actually, this we cannot separate the lotus and the char siew buns. We usually put together."

After the Stomp contributor paid, the uncle placed the two plastic bags of buns at the cashier area.

"I asked for a carrier bag so it would easier for me to carry around while I bought other food," recounted the Stomp contributor.

"Uncle black face and said, 'Plastic again?'

"What if I hand-carried the buns and they fell off? Who was gonna pay for it?"

The Stomp contributor added: "This is not the first time I encountered rude staff. The last time I bought from that same outlet, the aunty said all four char siew buns would be put together when I asked to split them into two and two each. She said, 'Waste plastic bag'."

"Plastic bags that are used to put the buns in are like gold to them."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Nam Kee Pau said all outlets will always give a carrier.

"This uncle just started work for a few days only. Thus his uniform couldn't reach the outlet on time," explained the spokesman.

"As for his customer service, we have actually spoken to him and will send him for a customer service course."

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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