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'Sounds like you're the troublemaker': Man gets slammed for complaining about PHV driver lecturing him in car

'Sounds like you're the troublemaker': Man gets slammed for complaining about PHV driver lecturing him in car
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/sgfollowsall

A passenger tried to call out his private-hire driver but was blindsided when netizens sided with the driver instead.

Upset with a private-hire driver who started lecturing him once he got into the car, one man took to Facebook page Complaint Singapore on Tuesday (Jan 2) to rant about his difficult experience with the driver.

In his caption, he said that the Grab driver had overshot his pick-up location, causing him to run under the hot sun to get to his ride. On top of that, he said he was scolded throughout the whole trip by this driver too.

In an Instagram video posted by Sgfollowsall on Tuesday, this passenger and the driver can be heard having a heated conversation in Hokkien. 


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The passenger insinuated in the video that the driver had "invited him to a fight", to which the latter called him "crazy" and said that the passenger was the one who called him names first.

The passenger then went on and said: "Like that I confirm have to complain, brother."

Confidently, the driver replied: "Go ahead, go ahead."

'You invited me to fight with you'

The passenger continued: "You invited me to fight with you, you called yourself my father, what else?"

Immediately, the driver defended himself: "I said that I'm old enough to be your father. I don't have the capabilities to raise a son like you."

Refusing to back down, the passenger repeated: "But you invited me to fight you, brother."

The driver then exclaimed: "I am telling you to hit me, you want to hit me, then hit me."

It was later revealed that the passenger had "forcefully slammed the car door" when he got on, upsetting the driver. 

"If you are not happy, then don't take Grab," the driver said to the passenger at the end of the video.

'Don't socially abuse uncle'

In the comments thread, many netizens urged the passenger to show some understanding towards the driver. 

One user said: "When you book a driver, there is no indication that you are wearing a certain coloured shirt or you have a number plate like vehicles. So if you need to walk a little bit to the car, don't slam the door upon entering." 

The user then criticised the passenger: "You then slammed the door that created the lecturing. So don't complain if you have started the issue!"

Another user pointed out that the passenger "threatened to complain" and "stuffed words into uncle's mouth", which made it seem like he was trying to "trick the uncle into admitting all sorts of accusations he made up".

One commenter also stood up for the driver, stating that he was just trying to make a living.

However, one netizen urged all to stop finger-pointing, saying that "we're are living in a stressful environment". 

AsiaOne has reached out to Grab for more information.

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